neděle 13. října 2013

Už vám není Android dost cool?

First stable build of Ubuntu for phones, tablets coming October 17th - Liliputing:
"Canonical has confirmed that the first phone-friendly version of Ubuntu will be ready to launch when Ubuntu 13.10 goes live on October 17th. The same day the latest version of Ubuntu for desktop and notebook computers is released, the first stable build of Ubuntu Touch will be available for installation on support phones and tablets (which for the most part means the latest Google Nexus devices)."
(více Touch/Install - Ubuntu WikiTouch/Devices - Ubuntu Wiki)

Jolla Mobile's first Sailfish smartphone to ship by end of 2013 - Liliputing:
"Jolla Mobile is revealing a few more details about the company’s first smartphone, and the first device to ship with the Sailfish operating system... While it ships with the Linux-based Sailfish operating system, it’ll also be able to run Android apps. But we already knew that... The Sailfish operating system is an evolution of the MeeGo, a project to create a smartphone and tablet-friendly Linux operating system that was backed by Intel, Nokia, and others up until a few years ago."

Ixonos Multi-Window for Android runs apps in resizable windows - Liliputing:
"One of the things that has long separated desktop operating systems such as Windows and OS X from mobile platforms such as iOS and Android has been the ability to view multiple apps on a display at once. But a growing number of Android developers are bringing multi-window support to Google’s operating system."

Paranoid Android shifts gears, will focus on fewer devices - Liliputing:
"Paranoid Android is a custom version of Android that’s known for introducing unusual features such as custom touchscreen controls and a replacement for the notification and multitasking system in Google’s mobile operating system. Now the Paranoid Android team is laying out plans for their next release, and it looks like there will be a focus on building more things in-house, and ensuring solid support for a few devices rather than limited support for dozens. In other words, if you want to be certain you can run Paranoid Android once it’s based on Android 4.4, your best bet is to buy a Google Nexus device, although some others might be supported as well."

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